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Mike Bird Named President-Elect of TFA

Posted on: December 8th, 2017

Bird and Crawford Forestry – Members of the Bird & Crawford Forestry team currently serve in various positions in both Texas and Louisiana state forestry associations. Mike Bird moved up to president-elect of the Texas Forestry Association at the organization’s recent annual meeting. Sam Crawford will be serving on the Louisiana Forestry Association board of directors, a position to which he was elected recently.

Bradley Wilson with TerraStone Land Company, an associate company of Bird & Crawford Forestry in the Advanced Ecology Ltd. natural resource firm, was appointed to the Texas Forestry Association’s board of directors at their annual meeting.

Bradley Wilson

TerraStone Land Company 
Bradley Wilson

Also making news at the TFA meeting social activities were Chris Adams and Mark Bird. Chris’ golf team finished in first place while Mark’s tied for third.

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