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Boundary Lines

Posted on: November 13th, 2017

Effective legal steps to help deter trespassers

boundary linesForestlands are often a significant portion of a landowner’s assets, but any tract of land is only as valuable as the boundaries that define it.

As the old saying states, “Good fences make good neighbors,” the same is true for established and well-maintained forestland boundary lines.

PaintingPainting and posting with signs is an effective and legal method of maintaining surveyed property lines without incurring the high cost of fencing.  While using purple paint has become popular for simple “No Trespass” notice, the precise placement of painted blazes to mark and preserve the legal property line is paramount in protecting your forestland investment.

Bird & Crawford Forestry has years of experience in assisting landowners with establishing and maintaining legal property boundaries.  Special “Posted” signs are used in conjunction with high-quality exterior enamel paint to provide readily-visible notice of your property lines while maintaining legal posting requirements to deter trespassers.

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