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Forest thinning funds available through TFS via Southern Pine Beetle Prevention Program

Posted on: November 2nd, 2018

Forest Thinning Funds

Forest Thinning Funds – Applications for financial and technical assistance with forest thinning in order to reduce the threat of future southern pine beetle (SPB) infestations and outbreaks are being accepted by the Texas A&M Forest Service (TFS).

The TFS first thin operations for eligible landowners in overly dense, pulpwood-sized pine stands in 21 East Texas counties is part of the 2018 Southern Pine Beetle (SPB) Prevention Program Thinning Cost-Share program.

Damage by the pest impacts not only landowners and forest industry businesses, but also negatively affects ecological systems such as watersheds and wildlife habitat. Research in recent years by the U.S. Forest Service and university researchers shows thinning and prescribed burning can effectively protect stands of southern pines from infestations by these aggressive tree-killing insects.

Insect and pest control is just one of the many things Bird & Crawford Forestry monitors for our clients in every landowner’s management plan. Following a sound forest management plan can improve the health of your timber stand, increase revenue and provide an added level of protection to your forest resource.

Contact Bird & Crawford Forestry for assistance with the management of your timber resources. We have been managing and marketing forest products for our clients for many years, and we understand the importance of your forestland assets. Let us help you reach your forest and land management goals.

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