Helping others so that everyone finishes the challenge

Left to right: Jered Rhodes, Mark Bird, John Marksberry, and Grayson Wylie ready to start the Tough Mudder Half challenge.

Four of the toughest Bird Forestry employees accepted the Tough Mudder Half challenge near Conroe recently. Little did they know the event would turn out to be the “Cold” and Tough Mudder Half challenge.

Mark Bird, John Marksberry, Grayson Wylie, and Jered Rhodes completed the Tough Mudder Half, a five-mile challenge event that included physical endurance and lots of muddy obstacles. They knew about the endurance and the mud when they entered. What they didn’t know was that when the day of the event arrived, the temperature would be hovering at 40 degrees.

The Tough Mudder Half is not a competitive race, but one based on helping others with a goal of finishing. “There are many obstacles like a 12-foot wall of mud that has to be scaled,” said Grayson. “And, participants are doused with water before tackling every obstacle, adding to the challenge, and to the chill of 40-degree weather.“

There is no way to do it without help,” added Grayson. “When you arrive at an obstacle, the last person through is there to help you make it. Then you wait for the next person to help them. The goal is to finish, but no one can finish without help.”


Helping Others
Left to right: Mark Bird, Grayson Wylie, John Marksberry, and Jered Rhodes after conquering the muddy and cold endurance event. Does it look like to you that John’s teeth are chattering?

Contact Bird & Crawford Forestry for help with managing your timber resources. We have been managing and marketing forest products for our clients for many years. We not only understand the importance of your forestland assets but also have some of the toughest foresters around who will endure to help you reach your forest and land management goals.


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