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Insect Management: Southern Pine Beetles and other pests

Posted on: March 2nd, 2018

Insect ManagementInsect Management – Insects and pests in trees are common, but it’s rare when an infestation does permanent damage or kills trees. Insect populations cycle, they are higher some years than others. Also, insects will often follow environmental damage such as extreme heat, flooding, lightning, and wildfire. One of the more common insect problems in this area is the Southern Pine Beetle.  

Insect and pest management can be controlled with pesticide applications, mechanical methods, biological controls, or sometimes by no control at all leaving nature to take its course. In any case, the best way to reduce damage from natural infestations is by keeping trees healthy.

Texas A&M Forest Service provides financial and technical assistance on pest control to qualifying forest landowners. The Louisiana Department of Agriculture & Forestry and the U.S. Forest Service also provide information, control strategies, research data, and other assistance. 

Bird & Crawford Forestry can provide information and assistance with maintaining insect and pest management as well as with setting and reaching your total land management goals.

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