J. Mike Bird

Mike Bird

J. Mike Bird

Principal / CEO
Center, Texas

Mike Bird graduated from University of Missouri – Columbia in 1975 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Forest Management. He worked in the forestry industry for several years as a field forester, harvesting engineer, and procurement/management forester before starting Bird Forestry Services, Inc. in 1979 as a traditional forestry consulting firm offering services to private non-industrial landowners in Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, and Arkansas. As the Bird Forestry Services business developed, Mike recognized other natural resource opportunities associated with land management, reclamation/restoration, enhancement, and preservation. In 1989 Silva-Tech/South, Inc. was created as a vegetation management and reforestation business. In 1994, Mike cocreated Advanced Ecology, Ltd. (AEL), an environmental consulting firm. Over the last ten years AEL has developed an outstanding reputation in the industry. Evolving from a natural resource background, the AEL team has the ability to solve environmental problems using a common sense approach. Today, Mike is actively involved in both Bird Forestry and Advanced Ecology, serving as CEO for Advanced Ecology, Ltd. and SilvaTech/South, Inc.