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Property Tax Valuation

Posted on: February 2nd, 2018

Ways to reduce a qualifying landowner’s tax bill

tax valuationThe new year is a perfect time for reviewing property tax valuations. Alternative valuation methods are available to qualifying landowners in most states allowing property tax calculation based on productive agricultural value and preservation of open spaces as opposed to the market value of the land. 

State constitutions and tax codes, adopted in the 1960s and 70s to protect the family farm from tax increases created by urban growth, are similar, but vary from state to state. These are not tax exemptions, but alternative methods to calculate property taxes owed that often reduce a qualifying landowner’s tax bill.

Special use appraisal methods in Texas include agriculture, timberland and wildlife management, with additional details found at Texas A&M Agrilife’s website. Categories in Louisiana are specified as agriculture, horticulture, marshland, and timberland. 

Contact Bird & Crawford Forestry with your questions about the current valuation status of your property. We can point you in the right direction for help in obtaining the best solution for your valuation options.

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