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Nature’s Beauty often followed by economic and safety issues

Posted on: January 19th, 2018

Snow DamageSleet, snow, and ice … Sub-freezing temperatures create magnificent visual beauty in nature as they did this week in East Texas and Louisiana. The artistic snapshots are a picturesque part of nature’s biological balance and wildlife habitat maintenance and can result in economic losses, forest management problems, and safety concerns.

When the beauty thaws, the first step for landowners left with ice and snow damage is assessing safety concerns. Things like damaged utility lines, drainage, roads and damaged timber creating safety hazards. With safety issues addressed, the next step is assessing the economic impact and formulating plans for quick and efficient cleanup and salvage work.

Bird & Crawford Forestry offers 70 years of expertise and knowledge to help assess any situation in a timely manner with a plan best suited for you and your land management goals.

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