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State Forestry Associations: A voice for landowners and for our timberlands

Posted on: January 12th, 2018

State Forestry Associations: Are you a member of your state’s forestry association? Texas Forestry Association (TFA) and Louisiana Forestry Association (LFA) are more than just associations of forest landowners, businesses, and professionals.

Texas Forestry

TFA and LFA offer programs for almost everyone with an interest in our forestlands. Programs in conservation, business, history, education, wildlife, sustainable forestry, and more—programs designed to enhance and perpetuate our forest resources for future generations.

Through TFA and LFA, landowners also have a voice at the state capitol for environmental, forestry, taxes, protection of landowner’s rights and other regulatory issues affecting every one of us and our timberlands.

Bird & Crawford Forestry supports state forestry associations. If you are a member, call on them for help and help support them. If not, contact us for assistance in becoming a member.

Louisiana Forestry

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