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Timber theft affects everyone

Posted on: September 28th, 2018

timber theft

Timber theft is a constant threat that affects timberland owners and the general public. The landowner receives the biggest impact because of the monetary loss and the additional cost associated with reforestation and clean-up, and many times for absentee landowners the theft remains undetected for several years driving costs even higher.

According to an article published by “Texas A&M Today,” in one 4-month span, 20 timber theft cases were reported in East Texas alone.

Approximately one-third of the family forest landowners in East Texas are absentee owners making theft easy if someone is not watching it. According to Texas Forest Service Law Enforcement, many timber theft cases begin as a seemingly legitimate deal between landowners and a timber buyer that claims to be associated with a reputable organization or company.

There are ways to safeguard against timber theft with suggestions offered by the Texas Forestry Association, the Louisiana Forestry Association, and the Texas Forestry Service. Here are a few:

• Have someone you know, and trust inspect your property on a regular basis

• Never sign a contract without checking several references from the buyer and make sure the agreement protects you and your property.

• For the best price insist on getting bids for your timber.

• Post and mark all property lines to assure cutting on an adjacent property does not encroach on yours.

• Find a professional forestry consultant that represents your interest to help determine volumes, current prices, and potential bidders.

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