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Bird Forestry provides a comprehensive suite of services that complement our professional forestland management expertise. These services provide forest landowners with the tools to make informed decisions regarding needs and opportunities for their forestland—today and for future generations. We are poised to deliver the highest-quality service for all property management needs.

Natural Resource and Land Management Plans


1-Natural Resource and Land Management 1Bird Forestry’s extensive knowledge and experience allows us to prepare an effective and useful forest resource management plan for any tract of land. Whether it is an upland pine site or bottomland hardwood ecosystem, we provide our clients with an in-depth overview of all their forest resources and the best recommendations for maximizing value—both monetarily and personally.

Bird Forestry offers a variety of land management tools to address your specific needs whether your goal for your property is timber production, recreation or legacy development.

  • Long-Term Management Services
  • Land Use Tax Application
  • Federal Income Tax Basis Determination
  • Turn-Key Reforestation
  • Boundary Line Maintenance

Forest Inventories and Appraisals

Bird Forestry 457_using instrumentFacilitating inventories is an integral part of the forest management planning process that truly assesses the value of the land’s resources. Use of this data, combined with our expertise and keen monitoring of timber markets, enables us to empower our clients to make strategic, informed decisions concerning their assets.

Whether a government agency, asset manager, industrial or non-industrial private forest landowner, our team of foresters is equipped to organize the most detailed and strategic resource inventories and value appraisals for your needs.

Forest Product Sales

1-Mature Pine StandForestland owners are often approached about timber harvesting. Studies show that involving a forester in a harvest as part of an overall forest management plan can help leave your forest in better condition, provide more income from the harvest and ensure that you meet environmental regulations.

Bird Forestry works closely with harvesting contractors and buyers throughout the entire process to ensure you achieve minimum hassle and maximum sales income while remaining focused on your long-term goals. Our turn-key service covers all aspects of the forest product sale including harvest planning and onsite supervision, inventories, monitoring the market and assistance with legal details.

Timberland Investment

Over the last 40 years, the principals of Bird Forestry have assisted in the acquisition, management and disposition of over 200,000 acres of timberland as consultants, joint venture partners and active investors. We provide landowners with invaluable insight into the true (and often untapped) potential of their land. Having managed properties ranging from 10 to 10,000 acres across the southeastern U.S., our forest management expertise allows us to provide invaluable knowledge that can increase your land’s revenue streams.

GIS Technology and Custom Mapping

Bird Forestry 548_droneUsing cutting-edge technology, our team of foresters and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) analysts have the ability to visualize, study and evaluate a landscape—regardless of size or complexity—to help you make the best land management decisions. Our specialty areas include:

  • Database Management of Spatial Information
  • Aerial Imagery and LiDAR Interpretation
  • Digital Land Classifications and Analysis
  • GPS Field Data Collection
  • Custom and Historical Imagery Acquisitions

We also offer customized mapping products designed to fit your specific needs. Our specialists are experts in efficiently capturing and creating new data for projects in the field and in the office by drawing from a vast collection of existing GIS data and imagery.

Wildlife Management

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe Bird Forestry team has extensive experience regarding wildlife and fisheries management. Having worked with a variety of clients (including private landowners, hunting clubs, industrial landowners and commercial hunting operations), we will develop wildlife habitat management plans that complement your forest management and recreational objectives.

Depending on your wildlife management needs, we also specialize in developing conservation finance investments that incorporate recreation and forest management with other ecological service opportunities. These programs are often incorporated into wetland mitigation banking and conservation easement projects.

Litigation Support

With a long history in the natural resources field, Bird Forestry has gained tremendous experience and knowledge that can be applied if landowners find themselves in disputes related to their resources. Our team of foresters and biologists can provide consultation for forestry, environmental and ecological litigation.

Hunting Lease Management

Bird Forestry manages more than 150 hunting licenses for our private landowners located in Texas, Louisiana and more. We specialize in facilitating mutually beneficial license arrangements between landowners and responsible license holders. Please see Bird Forestry Recreational Hunting Leases for details.