Forestland recreation: good for everyone

Forestland Recreation, Benefits of a working forest Part 3Like the many other benefits of a working forest, cultural qualities like non-consumptive recreation — bird watching, hiking, biking, nature photography and more — help promote balance in nature.

Every day, millions of people take advantage of opportunities for outdoor recreation on both public and private land.

Designated protected areas of public land allow access for recreation, helping to improve human welfare while conserving natural resources. Recreational opportunities also abound on privately owned land offering the same benefits for landowners, their family and friends. Enjoying nature on privately owned property offers landowners the unique experience that comes from the feeling of owning a part of the world exclusively for their enjoyment and benefit.

The documented benefits of non-consumptive recreational activities are many. Studies show that direct experience with nature is vital to emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being. Interacting with nature decreases stress, clears the mind, and offers the added benefit of physical exercise. People who have access to nature experience lower mortality rates and outdoor play promotes physical and mental health in children.

Participating in outdoor recreation also increases awareness of environmental issues and the likelihood that property owners will develop pro-environmental attitudes supporting environmental conservation and long-term benefits of managed sustainable forests.

By conserving, managing, and restoring the land and wildlife, more opportunities are made available to enjoy the value of outdoor activities while still protecting land and wildlife, and enhancing property value.

Follow the Bird & Crawford Forestry ecard news in coming weeks as we continue to focus on the individual benefits of working forests and their importance in forest sustainability. Bird & Crawford Forestry can assist in planning and reaching your forestland goals, including how working forests can be a part of that plan.



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