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Honoring our lost defenders of freedom

Posted on: May 24th, 2019

Memorial Day

For every American citizen, Memorial Day is of great significance. Originally known as Decoration Day, it’s the day we honor those to whom we owe our freedom. The last Monday of May has been celebrated as Memorial Day since 1868 and is dedicated to the remembrance of service men and women who lost their lives defending the United States of America.

Whether it was Afghanistan, Vietnam, Korea, World War II, World War I, the Civil War, or other forms of service, soldiers from all walks of life have died in service to our country since its founding. You can visit gravesites from Arlington National Cemetery to small-town church cemeteries and you will see crosses, Stars of David, crescents and stars—every religion, every race, every age, every region of America is represented.

“Patriotism knows no boundaries outside of defending the country and the freedoms we cherish.”

May God bless all the service men and women for their selfless contribution toward the United States of America, and may we always honor the memory of those who have died defending it.

Warm wishes to everyone this Memorial Day from everyone at Bird Forestry and the Advanced Ecology family of companies.

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