Forestry Associations do far more than many realize

Forestry Associations

What does your state forestry association do for you as a forestland owner?

Texas Forestry Association (TFA), Louisiana Forestry Association (LFA), Arkansas Forestry Association (AFA) and Oklahoma Forestry Association (OFA) do far more than many landowners realize.

Beyond simply promoting forestry within each state and the region, they also:

• Develop public appreciation of the aesthetic, environmental and economic values of forests and their importance.

• Assist in securing adequate protection from fire and other destructive elements.

• Encourage the wise use of all forest-related resources including wildlife, water, soil, and aesthetic qualities for future generations.

• Serve as the voice of forestry by participating in legislative activities that affect our industry and building relationships to aid in management practices.

• Tackle tough issues to find answers and solutions for forestland owners.

• Work through schools and youth organizations to grow the next generation of forestry leaders.

• Represent the forestry sector at meetings, conferences and speaking engagements across the state.

• Administer tree farm and family forest programs promoting those who make a difference.

• Partner with programs such as Project Learning Tree with classroom environmental education curriculum programs, camp programs, forestry contests, civic meetings, and community events reaching students and citizens throughout the state.

• Promote Sustainable Forestry Initiatives for land management practices for harvesting trees while enhancing the environment for wildlife and clean water as well as planting new trees for the future.

• Engage in logging council activities providing education and training within the logging and hauling professions to improve and expand the use of professional logging and trucking practices and worker safety for customers, employees, landowners, and the general public.

• Support accredited forester programs to provide the highest caliber natural resource professional assuring forest landowners that their accredited forester has met rigorous education, experience, and ethics standards.

And that’s just a start. Each association offers these benefits plus other programs and practices unique to their state to further enhance and promote forestry.

So, what does your state forestry association do for you as a forestland owner? A lot, but they could do even more with your membership and active support.

Bird Forestry supports state forestry associations. If you are a member, call on them for help and help support them. If not, contact us for assistance in becoming a member.

For more information on Texas Forestry Association, visit:

For more information on Louisiana Forestry Association, visit:

For more information on Arkansas Forestry Association, visit:

For more information on Oklahoma Forestry Association, visit:

At Bird Forestry, we have been managing and marketing forest products for our clients for many years, and we understand the importance of your forestland assets as well as the value of our state forestry associations. Let us help you set and reach your forest and land management goals.



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