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Hunting traditions handed down through the generations

Posted on: December 15th, 2017

Hunting in the Forest

Hunting is ingrained in our country’s culture of time-honored traditions. Along with Christmas gifting and family gatherings, hunting is a tradition that has been handed down through the years and often associated with holiday traditions. 

A friend we know hunts with family members as part of his Thanksgiving and Christmas gatherings. Enjoying with family members, everything that goes with a hunting trip has fashioned his holiday traditions and memories for generations. 

Things like in the woods before daylight. Dining on camp cuisine. The smell of gunpowder. Seasoned veterans guiding and training first-timers. And, the best part of all, fellowship of kindred spirits around a campfire. Stories of the day’s successes and the “almosts.” Good-natured ribbing over missed shots. Recalling old hunting memories while making new ones. Sounds, sights, smells, warmth and the comfort of traditions are always stimulated by a good campfire.

Our forestlands provide the backdrop for hunting, fishing, camping and outdoor recreational activities. They are where time-honored traditions are carried out and where memories for future generations are made.

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